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VITIS irrigators

April 11, 2023


VITIS irrigators have become an essential tool for maintaining good oral hygiene in everyday life. In this article, we will explore in detail what are VITIS irrigators, their benefits, how they work and how to use them correctly. Plus, we'll compare these devices to other dental irrigators and answer some frequently asked questions.

Irrigadores VITIS


  • Electric toothbrush with sonic technology, with double action
  • It is rechargeable and removes oral biofilm
  • Timer with dial change indicator
  • Protective cap, which keeps the filaments grouped
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grooves for grip
  • Includes a medium VITIS sonic head (CN. 179194.8) and a charging base

46,19  USD

What are VITIS irrigators?

VITIS irrigators are dental cleaning devices that use a pressurized water jet to remove food debris and plaque bacteria from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, such as between the teeth and below the gum line. These devices have been designed and manufactured by VITIS, a leading brand in oral care.

Types of VITIS irrigators

VITIS dental irrigator

This model is ideal for home use, as it has a larger design and a larger capacity water tank. In addition, it has multiple pressure settings and interchangeable nozzles to adapt to the individual needs of each user.

VITIS Oral Irrigators Catalog

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Oral-B Aquacare Portable Dental Irrigator with Oxyjet Technology and 4 Flow Modes…
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Oral-B Oxyjet Irrigador Dental con Tecnología Microburbujas + 4 Cabezales de...
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VITIS travel irrigator

The VITIS Travel Irrigator is a more compact and portable option, perfect for carrying in your carry-on or toiletry bag. Although it has a smaller water tank, it still offers efficient cleaning and has pressure settings to suit different needs.

Operation of VITIS irrigators

VITIS irrigators work by means of a motor that generates a stream of pressurized water, which is directed towards the interdental areas and below the gum line. The water pressure can be adjusted according to the user's preferences and the sensitivity of their gums.

Benefits of using VITIS irrigators

Improves oral hygiene

Regular use of a VITIS flosser helps remove food debris and plaque bacteria that brushing and flossing won't

can reach, thus improving oral hygiene and preventing the formation of cavities and periodontal diseases.

Prevents periodontal diseases

By removing plaque and food debris from hard-to-reach areas, VITIS irrigators reduce the risk of gingivitis and periodontitis, diseases that can cause inflammation, bleeding, and even tooth loss if left untreated.

Orthodontic appliance cleaning

VITIS irrigators are especially useful for people who wear braces, as they make it easier to clean around these appliances and help keep gums and teeth free of plaque bacteria.

Contributes to fresh breath

A clean mouth free of food debris and plaque is essential to maintaining fresh breath. Regular use of a VITIS irrigator helps prevent bad breath and maintain a fresh feeling in the mouth.

How to use a VITIS irrigator correctly?

  1. Fill the irrigator's water tank.
  2. Select the appropriate nozzle and adjust it to the desired pressure.
  3. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, closing your lips around it to prevent splashing.
  4. Turn the device on and direct the stream of water into the interdental areas and below the gum line, moving the nozzle slowly from one tooth to the next.
  5. When finished, turn off the device and empty the water tank.

Contraindications and precautions

Although VITIS irrigators are safe devices for most people, their use is not recommended in cases of:

  • Extremely sensitive or inflamed gums.
  • Presence of recent dental implants or wounds in the mouth.
  • People with hemophilia or bleeding disorders.

If you have any of these conditions, consult your dentist before using a dental irrigator.

Comparison with other dental irrigators

VITIS irrigators stand out in the market for their quality, design and efficiency. Although there are other brands of dental irrigators, VITIS is recognized for offering durable and reliable devices that guarantee efficient cleaning and a comfortable and pleasant user experience.

Maintenance and care of the VITIS irrigator

To maintain optimal performance of your VITIS irrigator, follow these recommendations:

  • Clean the water tank and nozzles regularly.
  • Descale the device if the water in your area is hard, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Store the irrigator in a cool, dry place when not in use.

cost and availability

VITIS irrigators are competitively priced relative to other similar devices. They are available at pharmacies, oral hygiene stores and online. Be sure to purchase your irrigator from an authorized dealer to ensure product authenticity and quality.

Testimonials and opinions

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with VITIS irrigators, highlighting the improvement in their oral hygiene, the ease of use and the quality of the product. Additionally, dentists and oral care professionals also recommend these devices as a supplement to brushing and flossing to maintain a healthy and clean mouth.

Frequent questions

Can I use mouthwash instead of water in the VITIS flosser?

Yes, you can use water-diluted mouthwash for a deeper, more refreshing clean. However, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging your device.

How often should I change the tips of the VITIS irrigator?

It is recommended to change the nozzles every 3-6 months, depending on wear and tear. Using nozzles in good condition guarantees efficient cleaning and prevents the accumulation of bacteria.

Can VITIS irrigators be used by children?

Yes, children can use VITIS irrigators as long as they are taught how to do it correctly and their use is supervised to ensure safety. It is important to adjust the water pressure to a level suitable for the sensitivity of your gums.

How long should I use the VITIS irrigator in each cleaning session?

The recommended time to use the VITIS irrigator is 1-2 minutes per session, making sure to cover all interdental areas and below the gum line.

Can I share my VITIS irrigator with other members of my family?

Yes, you can share the device with other members of your family, but it is important that each person has their own mouthpiece to maintain proper hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria.


VITIS irrigators are innovative and effective devices to maintain optimal oral hygiene and prevent dental diseases. They offer a practical and comfortable solution to complement brushing and flossing, especially in cases of orthodontic appliances or areas that are difficult to access. With the information provided in this article, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether a VITIS irrigator is right for you and how to use it correctly to get the best results from your oral care.


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